Are cryptocurrencies still good to invest in?

Cryptocurrency at its current rate of growth is going to take over the world or at least become more relevant at home and in the market place. Just in the last month, Microsoft and approximately 30 other medium to massive sized companies announced they would start looking into adopting Blockchain technology to suit their requirements. (An old saying goes, “When a Chairman speaks, the traders listen”). So a whole load of Ethereum was snatched up which increased the demand. Before this happened the price per Ethereum was approximately $9 per Eth but over the course of just a few days, went all the way up to $53 per Ethereum and bounces around the $45 mark now. My brother had an ‘X’ amount of Ethereum in his Wallet and made £3000 over over night. Though I would not recommend investing in cryptocurrency with the hope of becoming a millionaire over night (Unless of course your a successful stock market player and you know what you are doing in that respect), this gives testament to the popularity and power of Ethereum and subsequently all variety of cryptocurrency on the market.
To answer your question more directly. Yes. But keep in mind, if you have crypto sat in your account, then you must expect it to go UP and DOWN in value as the currency is not quite as stable as some people would like it to be. But if you wanted to buy goods with crypto then there are a lot of companies that except this form of currency you can expect the check out to be relatively hassle free because there are no questions asked with cyptocurrency. You can obtain cryptocurrency via an online exchange like Poloniex, Shapeshift, Bitpanda, Coinbase and so on. I have used Poloniex and Bitpanda so far, no issues. But proceed with these sites only after you have carried out your own investigation.
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